Think about others on the road

I won’t lie, I am new to driving. I’ve had my provisional license for a year and a half now. But I know the road rules. Even the unwritten ones. I am very considerate on the road. I often go out of my way to let people in while I have right of way. But no matter how much effort I put it, all I seem to get is subjection to inconsiderate, unprofessional and downright dangerous driving.

My primary area of concern is truck drivers. I find it incredible that we allow people to drive such large machinery on urban roads which are too congested to even carry regular traffic. I place a lot of effort in ensuring that I can maintain a speed safe enough to ensure I don’t die in a twisted pile of metal. What I don’t understand is why truck drivers, who allegedly have the ability to understand they are operating a very rigid, large and heavy vehicle, constantly abuse people doing the right things on the road, and also endangering their lives. I have had two experiences in this area within the last month. Both times I have complained to the parent company. Of course I cannot be sure anything gets done in this case, but I have the knowledge I have been proactive. Here is some very basic things I feel I should highlight for drivers of large trucks and vehicles:

  • If the speed limit is 100 km/hour, then the maximum speed you can achieve legally in that zone is 100 km/hour, regardless of your lane.
  • Queensland Transport recommends at least 2 seconds stopping time between vehicles. This does not mean you can tailgate.
  • Just because “Without trucks, Australia stops” doesn’t mean you automatically have a right to drive dangerously, and risk killing people who are doing the right thing. You aren’t contemplating the effects that could have on someones life; a mother, a father, a sibling, a friend, and yourself for that matter.
  • Most importantly, if you don’t think I won’t complain to your company, your a fool. If they don’t take it seriously, you are both fools, because I will deal with it outside the context of the direct business.

Now, to a more general point I want to make to anyone that conducts a motor vehicle:

  • If your ride a motorbike, the dotted line does not become an extra lane during peak hour.
  • If someone gives way to you when they have right of way, acknowledge the deed and wave at them.
  • If you need to take an exit, be in the correct lane before the exit.
  • If you have a baby on board sticker or sign on your vehicle, actually make your driving reflect that.

Really, this post is an open letter to everyone. If you’re tired of the same issues I have highlighted comment. If you disagree, comment (politely, I will curate  comments if required).

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