Double Standards

I know, I know, double standards are a part of life we have to accept. But why? It is innately irritating when you get treated differently to someone else, especially when things occur barely a minute after the other. This happened to me today. I was talking (very, very quietly, barely a whisper), in a lecture hall today, and the lecturer asked me to be quite. Any other week, and number of people would be talking, and he never asks them to be quiet. Seriously, I do have a memory that lasts that long. I do know what went on last week, and the one before that, and what happened last semester in the subject I had the same tutor.  Fortunately, I have a little more grace than to make my point. While I have plenty of backing and argument to use against anyone making a point with me, I know that the irrelevance and futility of it all.

Double standards seem to be becoming quite a theme in my life. Take my previous post on ignorant road users and ignorant truck drivers here. What is with the world at the moment?

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