iPhone 4 Lands (in my pocket)

After much effort and waiting, I finally have my hands on my new phone: the iPhone 4. I thought a quick post about my experience so far (I have had it for just over 24 hours) would be a good way to spend a new blog post.

My overall impression is excitement and awe. This phone looks beautiful, and has amazing speed. After two and a half years with my iPhone 3G (I jumped on the bandwagon very early for an Australian iPhone user), the iPhone 4 marks a large leap forward for iPhone (just like Apple says). After the disaster that iPhone 3G and iOS 4 was, having a phone that actually works is a benefit. The screen has to be one of the standouts for me; it is simply stunning. Although, it might just be too good; in some places it looks surreal. Having a 5MP camera that has a flash and records video is beneficial, although I am surprised it took until the 4th generation iPhone for these kinds of features to be present (with the exception of the HD video recording). I plan on using this phone very frequently for uploads to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube (so look out!).

I am still testing battery life, but it doesn’t seem to differ so much from the iPhone 3G. It may be a little more intensive, but I think that can be put down to the fact it is running a 1GHz processor (and it may be experiencing the over-use any newly purchased product is subjected to), plus any number of fancily-names sensors. The screen seems more responsive than my 3G (compared to when it was running iPhone OS 2, iPhone OS 3 or iOS 4), and of course it looks a lot better. Games run especially well, so I can understand why Nintendo is afraid.

The only real issue I have with the phone is that it uses a MicroSIM, which caused a minor emergency when I got the new SIM card just after I bought the phone, but that is another story…

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