New Maths: Packing = Hard

I have decided I dislike packing. Packing is hard. Packing is confusing. “Did I pack this?” and “Where did I put that”: two questions running through my mind why I attempt to pack for holidays. Getting ready for Sydney is underway for me, but I keep stopping because it is boring, tedious and prone to error. I feel I have already forgotten to pack something important! My goodness!

Naughty Google Earth! Naughty!

I was checking the look of my Twitter profile (@smartypants120), and I noticed my iPhone had changed the location, so I open Google Earth to see where the location was. Unfortunately, I left off a minus sign from one co-ordinate, and hence I ended up in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. I zoomed out to see where I was, and I noticed something slightly wrong. See the screenshot. You may not see what is wrong at first, but you’ll see the general area (to the left of the place marker, if the resolution is good enough for that).

Can you see it?

Has anyone else found something funny like this in Google Earth or Google Maps? Post comments and all that below.


Inappropriate Google Earth
The offending Earth shot.



Negative Internet

I hate broadband quota caps. They are the bane of my existence. I get 12GB a month at home, and 500MB at university (!). I ran over the home quota last month, and our connection was slowed to a blazing 64kbps! Trying to get my own back on Telstra, I decided to get as much value I could out of the cap. I found it funny how long iTunes 9.0.1 (or whatever it was) was going to take to download. Check it for yourself!

Slow Internet - iTunes
Slow Internet - iTunes

My Sim Nerdiness

So I thought I’d do a quick post about and error I ran into on The Sims 3 website ( I cannot remember exactly what I was doing, but I ran into a very strange error page that EA had put together. It is so very quintessential of the normal visual glitches you’d see in all the games. Unfortunately, I cannot say I have run into an error like this since I started playing The Sims 3. I wish I had… error page error page