No Internet

I’m currently sitting on a plane from Sydney to Brisbane (well, as I write, not as I post), and I’ve been staring at my phone for the past 15 minutes wondering what to do. The best option I had chosen was to play music. Looking around my phone, it seemed like there wasn’t too much to do. I sat for a while wondering why; and then it hit me. All the apps I wanted to use needed an Internet connection to work. The sad thing is that you cannot get WiFi on any airline in Australia. That is pretty sad, because while I won’t pay for the TV service on Virgin Blue (who I am flying with now), I would pay for WiFi. I fly both Qantas and Virgin Blue, so I don’t care who gets it, but it would be amazing either way. Seeing Virgin Blue is trying to target Qantas customers, this could be a way in. Most business people seem to fly Qantas, and this would be the perfect way for bosses to have employees work even more if they moved to Virgin Blue. It would also be ideal for the affluent, iPad owners using Virgin Blue. I haven’t seen this breed of person before, but I am sure they exist somewhere.

Trent is going on a plane!

Now, here is something I have never done before. I don’t know how this is going to go down, because all the people in my family don’t like to fly. Yes, for the first time ever, I’m hopping on a plane. Okay.

Both of my parents aren’t fans of flying. Fine. But what if I hate it too? Eeeek! I hope there is something to do on the plane, because I don’t want to die of boredom.

My question is what is the best thing to do while flying? I will have my phone, so should I just play Bejeweled 2 for an hour? I’ll post photos to Twitter on the day! Leave comments below!